The limited edition books available for all those residents that have responded to the postcards are back from the printers ready to go to the Harris tomorrow…




Peoples stories…

Postcards started dropping through peoples front doors yesterday morning. There have been some great responses through the online form.¬†Below is just a¬†sample of some of the thoughts…

“I am not a Prestonian but it is fascinating to receive your postcard in relation to someone who had lived in our house. At the start of the first world war our house would have been relatively new (about ten years old), and presumably housed a large family who worked at the local mill. When your card arrived this morning, I imagined the mother/wife and possibly sisters/daughters hearing the gate creak open, and waiting for the knock on the door, only to be presented with a telegram telling them of death of a loved father or son. Even as a wife and mother of sons in their early twenties, it is difficult to appreciate fully the impact of that moment.”

“Knowing that someone who used to live in my house died in the First World War makes me think about the amount of history a house can hold. Me and my family have made so many memories in this house and two of my children were even born here. So many other people’s memories have been made here too, the postcard I received reminds me of this. Life must of been so different back then. A family who lived in my house got a knock on the front door with the news that someone they loved had died in the war, it’s quite sad really.”

“My great uncle gunner walker is on the role of honour in the museum and George and I read all the documents held about him and visited his grave in Le Havre. It was really good to know he will be remembered.”