I am very interested to know who lives in the houses (or the sites where the houses once stood) that were once occupied by the men remembered on the Harris Roll of Honour.

Combined pic

Postcards are being sent out during Feb 2016, until this point you can watch the growing number of addresses being mapped on this page. If you receive a postcard it is because somebody who once lived in your house died in WW1 and is commemorated on the Harris Roll of Honour, and I would love to hear from you. If you receive more than one card, more than one person at your address died in the war, some houses will receive three cards.The information you send me will be used as part of an exhibition at the Harris in April 2016, an invite to which will have been included in your letter.

You can talk to me in a number of different ways.

  1. Send me a postcard back. It could be a postcard from your holidays, a family picture or just a simple letter. Tell me who you are, who now lives at your address and how you feel about the history of your house or street.
  2. Fill in the form below to tell me a little bit about yourself.

The people that get sent these postcards will be as diverse as the community who lost their loved ones in WW1. I want to show with this work how indiscriminate the effects of WW1 were, if we had lived then it would have been us waiting for the arrival of a telegram with sad news.

After Feb if you haven’t received a postcard please still feel free to share your thoughts. Looking at the map of addresses will probably illustrate just how close the story is to your own home, you may have a neighbor or family member close by who does receive one.

Please tag any information that you circulate about the project with #postcardtopreston